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...Your Home Sold at Full Market Value in 28 Days
Or I'll PAY YOU $2,000!*
This Is No Gimmick or B.S. Sales Trick.
I will get your home SOLD for the highest possible price, in the best amount of time, with the least amount of hassle possible.
I guarantee that within the first 28 days of the property being put on the market and available for showings, we will receive an offer to purchase at current Full Market Value for your property. The Full Market Value represents the highest and best offer that the market will bear.
  • ​I make sure to price your home accurately and strategically, to generate maximum buyer interest.
  • ​I make sure your home is in "showcase" condition when buyers come through, so they are sold on your home.
  • ​With my EXCLUSIVE 10-DAY MARKETING BLITZ, I use the most innovative and effective marketing strategies to get your home exposed fast and to get Qualified Buyers writing top-dollar offers on your property in the first 10 days it's on the market.
  • ​I negotiate the best offer to get you the best price and terms and coordinate a successful escrow period and timely closing.
  • ​You close escrow and move on with your plans!
The Fine Print:
  •  The property must be available for showings daily, between 9:00am and 6:00pm (8:00pm in the Summer) and must be in showing condition with 1-hour notice. The Seller(s) may not be present during showings.
  • ​The property must be in "showcase" condition and be professionally staged if needed. (I will pay for your staging consultation!)
  • ​The property must be available for a Broker Open House the first week on the market (if applicable) and for Open House events on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00pm to 4:00pm as scheduled. (Typically the first two weekends on the market.)
  • ​The list price must be strategically-set "Event Pricing" to generate maximum Buyer interest, mutually established by Seller and Listing Agent.
  • ​The selling broker will be offered a 2.8% commission (out of the total commission you pay to my brokerage), which acts as a strong incentive to buyer agents to bring more clients and better offers.
  • ​If, after the first 28 days, an offer has not been accepted and an offer is received that is higher than any offer submitted during the initial 28 days on the market, the Listing Agent will reduce the commission by $2,000*.
  • ​If, after the 28-Day Guaranteed Sale period, the Seller accepts an offer that is equal to or less than the best offer received during the first 28 days, the full commission will have been earned and payable to the Broker at the close of escrow, since the best offer was received during the initial 28-Day Guaranteed Sale period.
  • ​In certain cases, if the home is very exclusive or has very unique characteristics that make it suitable for only a very narrow pool of Buyers, the Guaranteed Sale period and listing terms may be modified by mutual agreement at the time of listing. **
  • * Paid as a credit to the seller at the close of escrow. 
  • ** If the property, for any reason, does not sell, no commission or fees are due.
I know you have options. Just make sure I am one of the agents you interview!
Guaranteed Sale FAQs
How can you make such a bold guarantee of selling my home in 28 days?
By carefully studying the market area and comparable pricing statistics, I have been able to apply a formula that gets homes sold in an average of 13 days on the market at full market value.
What if I don't NEED to sell my home fast?
My primary goal in selling your home is getting you the highest possible price. My goal is NOT speed. The reason my strategy is to sell your home quickly is because homes that sell within the first 30 days on the market tend to sell for significantly more than homes that sit on the market for months and months. The reason my 28-Day Selling System is superior is because it will put more money in your pocket and help you avoid the headaches that come with extended market time. The good news is that if you don't want to sell your home for six months, you can enjoy more time living in your home without the stress of having it on the market. That is also why I do not do long listing contracts.
What's the catch?
The "catch" is that you must be realistic about what your home will actually sell for in today's market and you must be ready to start packing soon! This is not for the unmotivated seller who is just interested in testing the market. This process is a team effort between you (the Seller) and myself, to get you the results you want. A combination of strategic positioning, aggressive marketing and professional staging (as needed) is fully implemented in order for this process to have maximum effectiveness. The good news is that I provide everything that is needed to accomplish this, to make it simpler for you.
How do I know if my property qualifies for the 28-Day Guaranteed Sale?
First of all, most properties will long as you are truly committed to selling it. To find out if your guarantee is right for you, simply contact me to schedule a preliminary 10-minute consultation by phone. No pressure. No obligation. Then you can decide if my 28-Day Guarantee and Selling System can help you get the most for your home in the least amount of time.
What if I don't want to meet all the terms of the 28-Day Guaranteed Sale?
You will - of course - still benefit from my powerful 28-Step Selling System and 10 Day Marketing Blitz, which has been proven to get the highest price and best terms for my clients...however, taking advantage of the guarantee requires that we both agree on the terms, at the time of signing the listing agreement.
Why do you typically only take a 90-Day listing when most agents want 6 months or more?
Simple answer...because that is all the time that's required to sell and close on most homes, when they're marketed correctly. I tell you the truth up front about what it will take to sell your home and then we go sell it!
Why should I pay you a 6% commission when some other agents will do it for less?
This is one of the most common questions I hear and it is a justifiable concern. What my clients quickly discover is that when they hire me, the speed and sheer effectiveness of my marketing strategy ends up getting them top-dollar offers, without months and months of slow, traditional marketing strategies and extended time on the market, while having to keep the house clean constantly and be otherwise inconvenienced. It is a statistically proven fact that homes that are priced to sell quickly, stimulate more interest from Buyers and thus generate higher and better offers, faster. Because of that, my Sellers find themselves netting as much or more money in their pocket, with the added bonus of a much shorter, smoother and easier process.
Why do other agents often take so long to sell a listing...or worse, fail to get it sold at all?
Many sellers have suffered through months and months of their house sitting on the market, with their agent being totally baffled by why it's not selling. The reality is that the only reason a home doesn't sell quickly in today's market is due to an ineffective marketing plan and pricing strategy. That is why I don't just promise timely results, I guarantee them!
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